BIOS RECOVERY filename request for Acer Nitro 5 AN515-51

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  1. Seti Blaj

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    Oct 5, 2018
    Hello all,

    I would really appreciate it if you be kind and help me. I just got my new Acer Nitro 5 this past Sunday. I did the initial battery charging cycle three times while the standard heavy Windows Update was working in the background. For the first couple of days it worked nice and I could do some urgent work in Excel and had no time for installing many other programs or games.

    On Wednesday I decided to plug a mouse to better work on my spreadsheet but found it didn't work on any of the three USB ports (very dim and blinking "laser" sensor). I uninstalled and reinstalled the standard USB mouse driver but couldn't get my mouse to work. So, I thought I would take a look at the BIOS setup to see if I could see anything wrong in my USB ports settings (I am no expert but I just wanted to check) so I went to Settings -> Update&Security -> Recovery -> RestartNow -> Troubleshoot -> AdvancedOptions -> UEFIFirmwareSettings -> Restart.

    It actually took like 5 minutes for the BIOS menu to show and I did notice immediately that the BIOS menu navigation was very sluggish. I didn't see anything out of the usual (even though this UEFI thing is new to me) and decided to exit without saving. And BOOM I got the BLACK SCREEN! (keyboard lights on). I turned the laptop off and on and always got stuck in the black screen and no Acer logo pops up. The keyboard lights are always on.

    And I have been stuck like that for three days. I have read literally hundreds of forum messages trying to solve this issue. What I have done so far:
    1. No pinhole battery reset does anything: pressing the battery reset button for 4,10, 40 seconds, waiting for 5 minutes, plugging it, powering it up again I get the black screen all the time,
    2. I have taken the RAM stick out and replaced, even carefully scrubbing the pins with a pencil eraser,
    3. I have downloaded the latest BIOS files from Acer (www-acer-com/ac/en/US/content/support-product/7312?b=1&pn=NH.Q2QAA.016) (please replace dashes),
    3.1. I have after much research found the isflash.bin file hidden in the temp directory (for both BIOS v1.15 and v1.19),
    3.2. I have used the Phoenix tool to try to find the appropriate name to rename the isflash.bin, but that goes beyond my skills,
    3.3. I have renamed the isflash.bin (both the v1.15 and v1.19) in numerous alternatives: C5PRHx64.fd, AA.bin, AAHW.bin, BB.bin, BBHW.bin, C5PRHx64.bin, isflash.bin, AA.fd, AAHW.fd, BB.fd, BBHW.fd, BIOS.fd, BIOS.bin (main file extracted from downloaded .zip from Acer's webpage: C5PRH119.exe and C5PRH115.exe),
    3.4. I have used 8GB, 2GB and microSD drives to initiate the Fn+Esc procedure: formated FAT32, laptop unplugged, USB in, <Fn> + <Esc>, laptop plug, power button pressed. Fan spins up and the laptop reboots but gets stuck.

    ===> RESULTS: Nothing, I can’t get past the BLACK SCREEN + keyboard lights on.

    I bought my laptop through Amazon but I got sent it to South America where I live (sorry for my English); service centers down here tend to do a lousy job so I am avoiding them at all costs; besides the warranty does not apply down here...

    ====> What I need: the appropriate name for the isflash.bin BIOS recovery file for my Acer AN515-51 <==== or any other help you could provide me.

    Thank you very much in advance.
  2. Seti Blaj

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    Oct 5, 2018
    Does anybody has any idea that could help me, please? Thanks!
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    I'm not an expert but using 7-zip to open the EXE file C5PRH119.exe, there is no standard looking biods file.
    Opening the EXE in AndyP's PhoenixTool 2.66 does not show a recovery filename, only that it contains a 2.1 SLIC.
    I suspect the method of update will be Intel ME region flashing like some of the newer BIOS mods have to be, but im not sure.

    Having just reviewed the platform.ini file, the following suggests the platform name might be retrieved dynamically from the BIOS during flash procedure.

    ;This flag is the switch of comparing bios project ID with ROM file project ID.
    ;Flag (dwsDWS)
    ; default : 3.
    ; 0 : Don't check project ID.
    ; 1 : Check project ID of new file.
    ; If ID is different with current BIOS, the utility will close.
    ; 2 : Utility will compare current platform ID with the 20 platform IDs.
    ; If any one is match, it will go ahead, otherwise utility will close.
    ; 3 : Depends on BIOS report.
    ;PlatformName1~20 (dwsDWS)
    ; default : empty.
    ; String : If ROM file do not contain correct ID, user can define ID here.

    ; Supports on DOS WIN SHELL flash.​
  4. Jose Egydio

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    Aug 22, 2017
    OK! The correct bios name is C5PRHx64.fd! You should rename the .bin file to C5PRHx64.fd and then compress the file with winrar! Unzip the file again! That way, the file will actually be in .fd format! Then turn off the notebook and plug in the flash drive with the .fd file! Then press fn + esc and plug the notebook into the electrical outlet and with the fn + esc still pressed, press the power button and you will see the flashing flash drive and cooler spin high!