Bios recovery Toshiba L300D Key combo ?

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    Aug 23, 2009

    Anyone that knows the key combo for recovery of bios for Toshiba L300D.
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    Nov 8, 2009
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    yup, it is with battery in Fn+F (not advisable). with battery removed and power plugged in use : Winkey+F or Alt+F

    if you happen to know the correct filename i would be very happy :rolleyes:

    there are different versions biosfiles for this model. the best way is to download the correct file from toshiba and extract the contents to a usb-stick formatted in fat file system (i guess.. donno but it sure aint gonna read ntfs) . put this on the right side of the laptop (should not matter much but seems the best way)

    nvrmind about the filename... it is BIOS.fd for a toshiba l300d a10

    what works for most insyde bios recovery is:

    -getting the correct bios file , extract it or whatever u need to do to get the bios file with extension .fd
    -get 13194-Tool-to-Insert-Replace-SLIC-in-Phoenix-Insyde-Dell-EFI-BIOSes (phoenixtool 178)(cant post links yet , i should post more.. lol)
    -extract files from the phoenixtool and run phoenixtool on the bios file.
    -it will give you the name used for recovery in the first popup window
    -now rename the bios file to this and put it on the root of the usb stick
    -plug power in laptop and leave battery out
    -press power (yeah why not)
    -watch it not doing anything (which is oke cause its bricked)
    -press power for 4 secs so the laptop turns of
    -now press both windowskey and F (no i didnt speak of shift, just f)
    -still hold these keys and press power so the laptop turns on
    -now look at the usb drive and see if it blinks (obviously you need one that does)
    -if it blinks for a while its oke.. wait 5 minutes.
    -enjoy (i hope, at least i did)
    -if it blinks for a short time and dont do anything it means filename is not correct. it should be done in like 5 minutes.