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    I have been wondering, about reading the different subsection in this forum, about BIOS modifications. There was a mod even for my own BIOS for my MB so thank you for anyone who has been working with Asus A8N-SLI bioses.

    Now to the issue at hand, as been searching all around the net, and even found some other modifications (raid controller updates) for this particular bios, but with these bioses SLIC table cannot be incorporated due too little space available in ROM.

    Now my question is, can the language tables just be dropped off (and thus creating some 60K of extra space) with cbrom and other utilities and then disabling the options within bios menus and being sure that it would still work just fine? With this it would get me enough of free space to work with to include updated rom files for both SiI3114 and NVidia SATA-controllers as well including SLIC tables that are missing. Or does this require more under-the-hood working with assembler or hex editing?

    Disregard this bit of info, went ahead and flashed the modified bios to my computer, everything seems to be working alright, now just need to install win7 and test if it actually activates properly. (Acer slic 2.1, new SiI3114 (ver. NVidia rom(mediashield 5.60) images included) - Personal touch, bootup screen repainted to my liking more whilst had to drop all other languages except english.