BIOS SLIC,SLIC-2 and SLP ?????

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    Sep 2, 2008
    Hi all cleaver folk.

    Not right up on all this SLP,SLIC and SLIC-2, I would like to ask a couple of questions and clarify a couple of things.

    I have two PC's one is running an Asrock mobo and i have the BIOS flashed with XP SLP + Vista SLIC info. Plus my main Abit mobo with both XP SLP and Vista SLIC info too.
    This alows me to run dual boot of Vista and XP on both machines and have both machines with which ever OS i choose to be fully updateable and to all extent to be a proper copy.
    These two machines run perfect,no loaders and no cracks. Just the way i like it.. ( ah ah ah,thats the way i like it ah ah ah ) ( whoops,slipped into disco mode )

    What slightly confuses me in the Windows 7 SLIC-2 whic i believe is needed to activate 7.I read somewhere that you can not have SLIC and SLIC-2 on the same BIOS.
    Is this right ?

    If this is right does this mean you can not have Vista and 7 on the same PC.
    Would it have to be one or the other.

    If so is it possible to flash the BIOS with SLIC-2 that also has SLP info ?

    Or can Vista be activated with SLIC-2 ?

    Would this then allow me to load and OS i wish to choose,XP,Vista or 7. ??

    I hope i made this sound clear. I know what i think i mean but maybe have trouble writing it down.
    ( now that bit confuses me,and I wrote it )
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    Jan 13, 2009
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  3. tnx

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    Sep 2, 2008
    Thanks for that.


    But as you say SLIC 2.1 is backward compatible to activate Vista.

    Does this mean then if i get a new BIOS flash with SLIC 2.1 can it also include SLP.

    If that is the case as long as I have the right files to make OEM discs i could have XP,Vista or Windows 7 activated on my machines.

    All i would need then is a clever sort to make me a new BIOS flash. A thread has been started about this.

    I am right in thinking this ?

    Sounds good.
  4. justinkb

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    Jul 16, 2008
    yes, that's correct. you could have all three installed even...
  5. rogerdarabbit

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    Aug 6, 2009
    SLIC 2.1 will cover XP as well?
  6. Reign_Of_Freedom

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    Aug 1, 2009
    Yes it covers Xp as well. I have Xp(for now), Win 7 x86 + x64 on the same hard drive no issues at all.
  7. HotCarl

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    Jul 21, 2009
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    You are confusing a couple things here tnx...
    First off the SLP has to do with the type of key that is used. Basically, SLP keys are used by Royalty OEMs (ex.: Sony, Lenovo, Dell, etc.) who manufacture thousands of PCs. They use SLP keys on their systems so that they do not have to put a unique key on each system as they make them (basically so they can simply create a master image that is activated with a valid key, and then use that master image to "stamp" out thousands of new identical systems with the same key). This is where SLIC 2.1 in your BIOS and OEM certificates come into play. In order to be able to activate Windows 7 with an OEM SLP key (like the Lenovo key that leaked already), you need to have an OEM certificate (commonly available throughout the internet in the form of ".xrm-ms" files; ex.: "Cert.xrm-ms") and a SLIC 2.1 enabled BIOS...this is kind of a security measure to make it more difficult for people to pirate the SLP keys...Windows 7 checks every time it starts up to see whether your BIOS is SLIC 2.1 enabled.

    Also note that if you do not want to flash your BIOS to update it to SLIC 2.1 (which is understandable since it is risky, you can brick your PC) you can use a lo*der. After you have installed a lo*der, now whenever your PC boots up, the lo*der will start right before Windows 7 does and insert the SLIC 2.1 data (the SLIC tables) into memory, so when Windows 7 proceeds to load after it, it is tricked into "thinking" that your BIOS has SLIC 2.1... lo*ders are less risky to use than BIOS mods since there is no BIOS flashing involved (but lo*ders are easier for MS to disable with future updates). Remember though, if you do choose to flash your BIOS it is recommended that you make a USB DOS boot disk, then reboot your PC into DOS (with the USB boot disk plugged in) to flash your BIOS as you are much less likely to have problems with a bad flash when booting into and using DOS...

    So basically, as it currently stands, you need 3 things to activate Windows 7:
    1) a SLIC 2.1 enabled BIOS (emulated via lo*der, or flashed BIOS)
    2) an OEM certificate file (widely available as ".xrm-ms" files)
    3) a valid OEM SLP key (like the Lenovo SLP key that leaked a little while back)

    Hope that is helpful to bring you up to speed with the rest of us... :)
    (Sorry if it is too long for some. :p)
  8. sandy63

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    Aug 9, 2009
    ^^ that is excellent HotCarl, thank you :)

    I have an additional question, tho:

    I have dual boot Acer Extensa 5630 laptop (Vista Ultimate and Win7 RC). I installed and activated Vista about a month ago using what you mentioned in the last part of your post (SLIC 2.0 flashed BIOS/OEM cert/OEM SLP key). It worked perfectly and I have no problem with it since.

    I am downloading the Win7 RTM right now and plan to use the same activation method as above (assuming some good people here modded SLIC 2.1 for my laptop ;) )

    My question is: Would flashing my BIOS with SLIC 2.1 affect my Vista activation?

  9. EclipseSin

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    It will not cause a problem with your Vista activation. HOWEVER, if the SLIC2.0 manufacturer you are using now is HP for Vista, and it changes to DELL for the SLIC2.1 mod. You will need to change the certificate in vista to match the SLIC.

    So in short (as example):

    Vista 2.0 SLIC = HP -> Upgraded to 7 2.1 SLIC = DELL

    Must install DELL.XRM-MS on Vista now, not HP.XRM-MS. Just need to update cert on Vista for activation (if applicable).
  10. 911medic

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    NO....SLIC 2.1 will cover vista and W7. You need to have a SLP string in bios for the XP OEM vendor..


    SLP is system locked preactivation..This is what the whole activation scheme is called, not just the keys.

    The keys are actually Royalty OEM keys..Not SLP.

    SLP 1.0 Strings in bios to activate with use of associated OEMBIOS files.....XP,WHS,Server 2003
    SLP 2.0 uses bios slic code and a matching certificate in OS
    SLP 2.1 uses same schema with updated slics

    The type of key is OEMSLP...tnx confused nothing and YES you can have SLP and SLIC in the same bios. Which version SLIC is up to you.

    When SLP was beginning (1.0) it was standard to just say SLP for preinstalled and preactivated OEM. With the advanced SLP2.0 and SLP2.1, we now say SLP for XP and SLIC for Vista and W7. It is basically semantics at this point, as they all pertain to the same thing..Just different versions.:cool:
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