Break Steam Family Sharing and play your buddie's single player games whenever you want

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    Jan 7, 2008

    • Open up Steam and use 'Change user'.
    • Before you log back in to your own account, open up the Network and Sharing Center. Be ready to disable your ethernet or wifi adapter quickly.
    • Log into Steam, and immediately right-click and disable your ethernet/wifi.
    • With the right timing, the games will show as playable, even if the library is in use.


    • I've noticed that Denuvo titles will occasionally disallow you from playing them after having been offline for a while, instead producing the message that "for first launch, you must start the game online, log in and reset Steam" etc. etc.
    • In order to circumvent that - first follow the steps above, and then...
    • 'Play' the Denuvo-protected game.
    • A Steam window should appear instantly telling you that the game is launching. This will take a few seconds. After that, normally, the game will inform you that you need to launch it online to play it.
    • However, if you re-enable your internet for a single second, and then disable it again, Denuvo will have time to 'phone home' before Steam has a chance to kill the game process.
    • At that point, you're ready to play - for extra reliability, you can exit Steam and log back in following the above non-Denuvo steps, because you can now boot the Denuvo game for between several hours up to several days before it forces you to start the game online again.