Bricked hp pavillion dv7 1247cl

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    Mar 19, 2011
    Has anyone had any success recovering bios for this model. I have tried everything i can think of except a usb floppy. Please help me. Any info helps. Thanks.
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    It is a EFI bios generally easy to recover and this method is describe at dozens of places around, eg:, anyway:

    1- download the pavillion dv7 1247cl bios from HP:
    2- extract the content of sp45071.exe with Universal Extractor
    3- format an USB stick in FAT or FAT32
    4- copy 30FCF49.fd from extracted bios to USB stick, rename the file 30FC.fd


    1- power off the laptop, remove the power cord, remove the battery.
    2- insert USB stick
    3- press Windows b keys
    4- insert power cord
    5- power on, keep the 3 keys pressed few seconds, then release power and Windows b keys.
    6- recovery is starting for one or 2 minutes (the USB stick should blink showing activity)


    if it doesn't work try to rename the bios file from 30FC.fd to FC.bin
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    Feb 27, 2011
    this model suffers from loose chipset BGA soldering and sometimes cpu socket solder.

    i just fixed 2 of them by using kester 951 no clean flux and 330 degrees for 3 minutes... wait the board warps so apply heat while watching it in angle so it dont overwarp and push solder against chip = splat balling is now glob of solder.

    this is the result of cheap board makers going thin on PCB