Bricked the BIOS on Sony Laptop Need Help

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    I have bricked my bios with the wrong file i did try the recovery mode to restore my bios
    after my bios got bricked i found the right bios file i know it sounds like why i didn't try to find the right one at first but i did try it but i didn't found it then and also i really don't know how i found it but don't matter since i got my bios bricked but here is the post for the right file*-WPH-or-*-ROM-files%29/page2650?p=928813#post928813
    but after the recovery and removing the CMOS bat for some time to rest the settings pc keeps going in to on/off cycle
    so the workshop where i took my pc there they said they need the bin read from a working bios chip in my case the guy said it will a bin file about 2mb size so if anyone can get me that file i will be really happy

    Laptop Sony VGN-FZ283BN
    BIOS Ver: Phoenix Technologies R2110J7