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    hello folks

    i am hoping someone may be able to help with an issue i have,i have a pc with windows xp home built into the pc harddisk so no cd was required just hit f10 to do a clean install,but i was messing about trying to format it one time with f disk and i erased the the whole thing.i have now managed to get the original disk for it and it works fine is there anyway i can get it back onto the harddisk the same way as i did before so if anything goes wrong i can just hit f10 again to do a clean install incase something ever happens to the install disk, as well as anything else it was quite handy having it built in peice of mind too.i had a partition on the harddisk of about 10gb which it was stored onto could anyone tell me how i do this.any help would be greatly appreciated.



    also is there anyway i can place some driver files into the disk and reburn it as some drivers are missing when i install and have to keep going to websites to get them mainly sound and graphic drivers
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    I think you're out of luck when it comes to restoring that partition. I would suggest you do a clean installation of Windows, install all of your drivers and backup the partition with Acronis True Image home.