Calendar and Dialer apps Android 5.0.2 lollipop

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    Jan 25, 2011
    1. How could one setup Calendar app notification tone to loop? The set of tones we have are very short duration sounds 1 to 5 bips maximum. The user might miss events often, sure thing. Adding other tones (10 minute led zeppelin song, for example) to the correspondent folder to help with the matter. But there are some devices built to play 40 seconds tones in loop, so their length can last much more until user action. That way the optimal configuration is to add a shorter sound with loop mode. How can I accomplish that? The other way, after 10 minutes and I don't hear the sound it will be a kick in the butt one day.

    2. When I open dialer and dial some familiar number, there is a list (let's call it dumb list, you'll get to know why) of contacts entries above the pad. That's OK until found that should be looking for not yet added number, like recent dialed numbers, which don't get outputed on the "dumb" list. That's so frustating as it isn't a built in feature. What's is the workaround for that?

    Thanks very much.