Can somebody extract AMD Raid option rom v30159.59 and misc.bin?

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    Dec 26, 2012
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    Can somebody extract AMD raid option rom v3.01540.59 and misc.bin from this bios and upload it somewhere please? Thank you very much!

    Manufacturer: Asus
    Model: M4A88T-I Deluxe
    Bios Type: AMI
    Bios Revision: 0501
    Bios Download link: Cannot post. I'm newbie and I don't have enough rights!?

    P.S.: I have modded my bios succesfully with AMD raid option rom v3.21540.15 but when I boot into the computer it gives me error and it cannot find any hard disk. I have used an option rom and misc.bin from a trusted source. Hence I believe I need on older version. Maybe v321540.6 can work? I don't know. Currrently I'm using option rom v3.01540.45. Is it worth to update to v3.01540.59?