can you download free apps from the store by other means?

Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by RanCorX2, Aug 16, 2017.

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    is possible yet or at all by some method to download free apps from the windows store and then side load them? like with extensions for edge?

    i've only found one app hosted outside the store and that was ublock origin.
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    Waist of time...

    For what purpose?
    Most are just links to some webpage...
    If u want a "universal app" then there are the "unmodern" ones that are far superior to any modern ones available.

    Windows Store (as far as apps are concerned) is crapware.
    No wonder it isn't successful as the Apple or the Google alternatives because the "easy" model is also the "very limited" model. Why would one bother with less then what he's accustomed to? Maybe for newbies?... I vote for a new name for the store: "Noob Galaxy Ultimate - paid service!" :p (not available in your region btw... use some VPN service - not a free one!)

    Aniway... I use Fiddler to grab the direct links... Beware that some apps need additional library packed as an app in order to function (Ex. : Microsoft.NET.Native.Framework, Microsoft.VCLibs, Microsoft.WinJS, Microsoft.Advertising.Xaml, etc.)

    Is there a complete library redist / runtime pack for modern apps available?... Would help the sideloading somehow i guess... At least now in the "early days".