Can't burn CD/DVD after modded BIOS flash

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    Nov 17, 2009
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    Modded BIOS flash causes DVD burning failure???

    Hello guys,

    sorry for annoying again. I requested BIOS mod weeks ago, and Busykid asked Yen to mod it Everything went fine, I had a SLIC 2.1, Win 7 was activated. But 3 days ago I wanted to burn DVDs and after couple of seconds I got errors. So I installed Vista as I thought it might be Win 7 issue but it was the same. Today a flashed it with my original BIOS so I have SLIC 2.0 now and I tried to burn DVD and I got no error. May I ask, could this issue be because of modded BIOS?

    And I wanted to ask: if I make RW report just right after OS install (without applications and drivers), will this RW report be exactly the same like RW report made after drivers and applications install?
    Thank you for answers :)