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    What US Military branch would I go into to do things like Satellite Communications? I know that the US Air force 50th space wing has something to do with navstar GPS operations, which I am very interested in. I am also interested in secure data communications via satellite - etc. Furthermore, How likely am I to actually get to go into a field of this type by choice vs placement?
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    Jun 15, 2009
    I would recommend the special forces or smth they have everything and if they dont have it they will steal it i guess.
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    I can only tell you what the Navy has, since I was in it for 5 years and recently got out.

    All these ratings (aka Jobs) below require a Top Secret clearance ... if you have rough past, you might no be granted it and will have to "downgrade" your rating to something unclassified. They do have interaction with satellites on a daily basis.

    IS = Information Specialist
    Mainly deal with imagery

    IT = Information Technician
    All computer stuff, usually simple

    CTN = Cryptologic Technician Networks
    The computer-security side of the Navy

    Most satellite operations are at Joint Task Force commands, which you can only get into after you obtain enough experience in your job field.