chkdsk/SFC problems

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by 1vincent, Nov 15, 2016.

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    Nov 4, 2016
    3/4 weeks ago i turned my comp on and chkdsh was running but i never requested it and after about an hour it was still running. When i finished it said errors on disk and files missing.
    I ran MSE, anti-spyware and malwarebytes and all came back ok. I then ran seagate tools and ran all the tests and that was ok. I done SFC and that said something about Windows resources missing.
    I deleted programes/data and other things not critical to the pc and as i thought the hard drive was on its way out as there was a long lag from clicking the mouse to anything happening i got a new 160gb drive. I cloned that drive and put it in the pc and it started ok. The problems were still there with SFC.
    The pc has been running ok for 2 years and i only noticed the issues late October after i done windows updates. It is Win 7 Ultimate and has Daz loader on it from the start 2 years ago.
    I now cant download Novembers updates but the pc seems to be running ok but the errors are still there.
    I have attached CBS file. A mate told me an upgrade installation may sort it but as the pc is used for work related stuff i dont want to loose my pros/data and settings i am trying to see if this problem is sortable before getting to that stage.
    Trying to upload file but says file too large.