choosing laptop- does clock speed matter (comparing Ci5 1.7ghz and Ci5 2.5ghz)?

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by KhurramSyed, Jul 9, 2013.

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    Jul 9, 2013
    Hi Guys.. firstly I apologise that my first post in this forum is a question, but frankly i'm sort of a noob in this field so I wasn't quite able to answer or contribute to any other question on this forum.

    Now to my question, I did search for this question here but the results didn't quite answer what I was looking for. I was going over laptops and got stuck between two choices (similarly priced) HP PAVILION SLEEKBOOK 15-B002EE and DELL INSPIRON 5520. The Inspiron is CORE i5 2.5GHZ MAX TURBO FREQ. UP TO 3.1GHZ and the Sleekbook is CORE i5 1.7GHZ MAX TURBO FREQ UP TO 2.6GHZ. Now I wonder, if both of them are Ci5, but one is 1.7ghz and the other 2.5ghz, how much performance difference could I expect between the two?

    My confusion arose when the Sleekbook had to offer a 2gb dedicated graphic card and inspiron offered just 1gb and the sleekbook was 'slightly' cheaper than the inspiron. I've been getting recommendations that clock speed doesn't matter and I should get the sleekbook as its good for the price and graphic card is better than what inspiron offers. Not really having much technical knowledge, I'm kinda confused here.

    To brief you all about my need, I mostly use my laptop for work (excel files, some basic imaging softwares like Photoshop, video editing softwares like Sony Vegas and Audio editing softwares like Cubase etc). My computer usually lets me down cause I tend to multitask and open a lot of files, softwares and browser tabs together. Also that I'd like to have a laptop good enough to be used for gaming as well, not that heavy gaming maybe, but somewhat decent. To give you an idea of my price range, here are the two laptops I got to shortlist:
    hp-sleekbook-15-B002EE-core-i5 and dell-inspiron-n5520-core-i5-4gb (the one with 500Gb Hard disk is bit cheaper, almost as much as the sleekbook).

    I really do hope I'm able to get some help on this, I appreciate your time and consideration!