clean-install win 7 oem using win 7 sp1 iso without phone activation

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by explorer11, Nov 27, 2015.

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    I want to clean-install Windows 7 on a laptop. The laptop is Dell and it has a COA sticker for Windows 7 Pro OEM.

    If I do a clean-install using the Dell reinstallation DVD, then after clean-install, windows is pre-activated. But the Dell reinstallation DVD doesn't have SP1. If I do a clean-install using an iso image with Windows 7 Enterprise with SP1 integrated, then after clean-install, windows is not pre-activated, and requires activation by phone.

    Is it possible and legal to modify win 7 enterprise sp1 iso so that it will be pre-activated after a clean-install only on a dell laptop with coa sticker ? It yes, then how can this be done, step by step, and does the procedure allow for integration of network drivers ?
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    1. It should contain Dell SLIC 2.1, which is enough to activate via OEM:SLP method (fully offline).
    2. Enterprise can't be OEM:SLP activated - you should use Ultimate instead.

    Give it a read:
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