Clevo M760 rom please

Discussion in 'BIOS Mods' started by yah, Jan 22, 2010.

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    Jan 21, 2010
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    Jan 14, 2010
    Clevo M76xS / M77xS ROM retrieval


    I found registration relatively easy and managed to download the latest ROM (1.00.21) on the page you mentioned above, but in the list it appears as "M770S"... however, once inside that page the actual file works fine.

    To grab the file I followed these steps:

    1. Hit Register
    2. Fill in Email address and minimal information
    3. Retrieve email, ignore Chinese stuff and click link
    4. Navigate to forum section of interest and copy the URL to the ROM file page
    5. Paste into a new browser window and remove the "en" bit off the front of the URL
    6. Congrats, you should now be downloading the ROM

    In my case the only thing to note is that the original ROM on this machine is a Bangho modified one, and thus it has a splash screen with Bangho in it ... or rather, it had a splash screen with Bangho in it. :eek: It now says something totally different (Sysnote or something like that?)

    I don't suppose on the off-chance your saved ROM file has the Bangho splashscreen?

    As a sidenote these laptops use two different ROMs - one for the main system BIOS, and a secondary one for .... well, I'm not too sure. I currently have a problem with this stupid machine because it refuses to power on if only the battery is connected (i.e. without the mains power plugged in). However, when the power is plugged in and the power button pressed it fires into life and continues to run fine for a while without problems. The battery is less than a year old and has been relatively well cared for (no overcharging for example) but still this problem continues despite it being "fixed" in EC ROM 20 (and I'm using 22 here).

    I hope this helps with your daughter's laptop but give me a shout if I can be of further assistance (i.e. you still can't grab any useful files from the site) PM me and I can arrange to send it to you offline.

    I've tried to SLIC it to SLIC 2.1 and so far this works fine, but as this isn't my laptop I can't yet install Win 7 or whatever to test it out thoroughly although it does work with the SLIC_Toolkit 3.2 and is verified as a SLIC2.1 (using HP and andyp's Phoenix BIOS mod tool 1.29 and default settings).

    Cheers -- Blu.

    PS Using a Spanish copy of Vista to navigate a Chinese website was .... hmm.... fun to say the least. :eek: