Command to retrieve in clear the password on WIFI network

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    Sometimes we have to find the key of a wifi network in memory in our computer, to transmit it to someone.
    It's hard to remember all the passwords of the networks we connect to, and we do not all have the presence of mind to note them in our password managers.. How to do then ?

    Under Windows
    Under the operating system of Microsoft, first, you will have to open a command prompt and enter the following line, replacing "name of wifi network" by the real name of the network wifi on which you are connected:
    netsh wlan show profile "name of wifi network" key=clear

    Under MacOS
    Open a terminal and type
    security find-generic-password -wa "name of wifi network"

    Under Linux
    Open a terminal and type
    sudo cat /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/"name of wifi network" | grep psk=

    Can be usefull with complex passwords. Hoping this will help. Nice day. Coleo
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    the lazy walrus pasts it into cardfile, and saves it as wifi,crd once i start using a router.
    if needed i open wifi,crd; and then it is copy/paste.
    but your recipe is very useful too.
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    Jul 6, 2011
    really nice instead of connecting to the router .

    thanks for this tip.
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    This can be very usefull. For example if you get a Orange Livebox 5 there is no longer a front panel which can display the wifi key.