Compaq Armada M700-Help!

Discussion in 'Windows XP / Older OS' started by helpme88, Aug 18, 2008.

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    Aug 17, 2008
    :mad: second attempt at posting this!

    Anyways im Sarah,

    I have dug out my old laptop that my mum was given by an engineer when she left the bank a few years ago. My uncle got his hands on it and im using it just now with a copy of windows xp pro. build 2600.
    However I got a official oem cd and manual for Windows NT Workstation and I have read that I can upgrade to XP pro from NT, which I want to do so I can get upgrades latest msn internet explorer ect. Is this true?

    How would I go about installing it and formatting and deleting partitions ect as i have no idea and i dont want to ruin the laptop.

    I assume that clearing the laptop and starting a fresh will get rid of the 2009 virus (that looks like a microsoft program)?

    Any help would be fabby!:confused:
  2. Suicide Solution

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    Apr 29, 2008
    If that came with Windows NT originally it cant be really fast with XP once the browser and antivirus eats all that ram. How much memory does the laptop have?

    The best OS (speed wise) for a system that old (200MHz-550MHz with ram under 128MB) will be Windows 2000 Professional. 2000 is a 32bit OS like XP.

    I do know that some of the latest products from M$ (IE 7, Windows Live Messenger, Media Player 11. etc) cant be installed on Windows 2000.

    If you never plan to need dial-up for that laptop, and still want a fast machine with the option to use the latest stuff, I would upgrade the memory to at least 256 MB and use Windows XP For Legacy PC's.

    Which is an official M$ XP version that has been stripped down to run better on older machines but only supports broadband connections. It will run on less than 256 ram, but you need that much once you start adding in other software. If you can use torrent sites you can find any of these versions.