Computer freeze, Problem signatures from Windows repair details

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by leis, Apr 6, 2012.

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    Apr 6, 2012
    This is just a brief outline of what happened to my computer recently where it slowed down, freezes and then restarts with windows 7 attempting repair and finally generates details of why computer can't load windows or repair w/problem signatures.

    Problem Event Name: StartupRepairOffline
    Problem Signatures: 01: 6.1.7600.16385 (same 6.1.7600, etc... for Problem Sig. 02),
    through 07: NoRootCause
    and OS Version 6.1.7600.
    1033 Local ID

    I don't have a windows 7 disc backed up (or re-install, yet, but making one this wknd). I turned computer on this evening and it ran fine, without any problem of freezes, etc...

    Any ideas of what the problem signatures are and how I can apply possible repair / fixes, etc.? I can provide full details of problem sigs. I have AMD Athlon 64x2 Dual core prcsr. 5200+ 2.70 GHz, 4GB 32 bit, Real Tek sound/audio drivers. I've had continuous trouble w/Windows Media Player, as far as slow starting and would stop and go and seems to run or operate better this evening with just the (routine) slow start up of 4 to 6 minutes, if this may be of issue as far as drivers, bios (?), etc....

    Thanks for your anticipated help. I don't know if my genuine loader had any effect or is part of problematic (signatures).

    Also, I downloaded the MGA diag. tool that was used in 2009 thread I read (here) and if that can still be used, i have a copy of report, etc...

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    I've never heard of "Problem Signatures" before but I suspect it's just another instance of Microsoft's cryptic phraseology one programmer chose to use. He, or she, might just as well have chosen "Event Parameter" instead. A search of the internet on "Problem Signatures" gets a lot of hits but little real information. But ... the name any error is called is really of little consequence. What is important are actual error conditions noted, what your computer is doing and such things as changes or updates made just prior to the problem occurring.

    If your computer has started up and is running fine as you state, what do you think needs repairing? My experience with Windows dates from Windows 3.0 and frankly Windows just does odd things sometimes that a reboot or cold start fixes. Just last week my primary desktop failed to connect to my home LAN. I rebooted and all is well. Stuff happens.

    If you don't have a Windows installation disk, you can download the .ISO version of your choice via a link provided by this forum and create one. I'm not suggesting you wipe your drive and reinstall Windows, but that will fix a lot of problems.

    You're welcome in retrospect.