computer ruined via nvidia surround maybe

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    Nov 29, 2017
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    my dad has a three monitor setup until now it was working seeing 3 monitors

    in nvidia control panel i played a bit with the surround option making all screen show as one

    on top of that i downloaded geforce experience and downloaded the latest drivers

    at the end of the update after a restart the monitor goes to sleep on startup
    you can hear it loads normally but the screen is off

    since then i wasted 5 hours doing everything possible

    loading in safe mode uninstalling the adapter from system devices
    also using UDD i think to uninstall display driver

    it all just got worse and worse to the point my safe mode load would hang as well on calsspnp.sys
    you could see lines of color appearing on the upper part of the screen

    a later google search made me think there was just no display driver at all so the system hang there

    if i load in safe mode uninstall the adapter and restart
    it can install a simple VGA but on another restart the screen will get stuck on the windows logo
    screen wont go to sleep this time but get stuck on the windows logo while you hear windows loading normally

    as if the display driver is simply not working and can not display an image

    i can also reach a point i install the latest nvidia driver but on restart the monitor goes to sleep on windows load after you see the logo animation

    all this from a simple driver update i did and changing the three monitor setup into surround mode
    now i cant reach nvidia control panel again windows wont load with the drivers installed it will but monitor is off

    in safe mode you cant reach it

    only one monitor will work currently and only until windows loads then it either goes to sleep or simply gets stuck on the windows logo with simple vga driver

    i dont know anymore i tried installing a few versions on nvidia drivers
    its showing as if the system has geforce 740 on as a gpu

    currently you can load in safe mode uninstall adapter restart the machine
    then on restart it will install either simple vga or the 740 again and you can work on one monitor until you hit restart
    once you hit restart the monitor goes to sleep with the updated drivers
    or gets stuck on win logo with simple in house vga driver

    Edit" tried more things like removing the 740 and placing an older gefore 470 same happens there aftert installing a driver either vga basic or one from nvidia you get the monitor going to sleep on windows start
    or logo freeze on vga driver while hearing windows loading at the back

    used tools to clean up all drivers each time but it feels like something remains in there maybe on windows itself that messes up the display communication

    i searched google and it find plenty of stories 100% like mine saying the exact same happening after a driver was installed trying to changed gpus with a clean driver install and still getting black screens

    this is a nightmnare

    one solution i have seen in a thread is installing windows fresh but i didnt try that yet

    if i could only repair some faulty spot on windows somehow if i only knew where was this thing thats causing the issue i am sure its something tiny within windows itself

    again windows will black screen even while installing its own built in standard vga driver
    i can workaround and make the pc half usable if i go into device manager the uninstall the vga driver then restart and windows will load quickly installing the vga again

    at this point if i restart windows will freeze on the logo
    if i want to restart again i need to uninstall the vga driver in device manager every single time to load into windows

    if i restart without uninstalling picture will freeze on windows logo on startup next time.

    this is painful.
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    Apr 29, 2012
    Rule number 1: if it is working, do no touch it.
    Does the motherboard have the onboard video processor? Try it.
    Try a virtual machine just in case.
    It might be the monitors's internal hardware got corrupted so I would like to try them one by one on a different machine.
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    Nov 29, 2017
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    had to install windows 7 fresh to solve this issue
    i never encountered this issue before in 20+ years
    a simple nvidia driver update from within their own automated tool caused me to lose my system needing a full reinstall of windows

    if you actually search for black screen on boot after driver install you will find many posts about it and none of them have a solution other then reinstalling and other things of that nature

    even using sophisticated tools to remove any trace of any driver still leads to black screen even with standard vga drivers from within the windows base drivers AFTER all other drivers were removed in various ways
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    Apr 29, 2012
    Sorry to hear about that but that is when dealing with computers.

    Apparently is simple but in reality graphic drivers have became a serious matter, I remember when nVidia introduced the HD Audio drivers which were in conflict with Windows' own installation, it seems fixed now.
    And I "never" install fresh released drivers because there is a 99% chance they cause conflict with something we don't know.
    I've installed Windows 7 many many times and each time I always told myself that that was the definitive one but that is not the case because I like to play with software and hardware so the system will get corrupted.
    The best advice I can give is as soon as you install all needed drivers and software and the system is stable, install RollbackRx Home (free) and you will have a backup shot of the system so anything goes wrong you just go back to that shot.
    I just installed Windows 7 on this new machine and suddenly I needed to use the DVD drive but it wouldn't see the discs.
    So after a long research on Google and getting too many dump and hopeless results by trolls telling off topic things instead of sticking to the topic or just shut up I activated a previous shot from RollbackRx and everything was fine, just I lost a few days of work on computer.
    But without that image I would have to reinstall the whole system and that means days and days of work!

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    Jan 7, 2008
    This is normally, when you use multiple monitors you only get one screen working (for the windows login) and after you're logged in you get all other screens visible again. This mechanism is to not waste energy and to avoid manipulations. If the other monitors are still black after you're logged in then this means the ID (monitor <-> windows) got internally changed, the most easiest solution here is that you power off the monitor (also remove the power cable) and plugg the monitor in again and turn him on, wait several minutes until you plugin the power cable.

    You made it more worse by using tools like DDU and other mentioned things because there only there for e.g. installing a new driver in case of troubles, your problem is hoewever a windows created one which exist since several years. Next time simply ask a professional instead of trying s**tty solutions from the internet. This is at all not a nVidia issue it's a Windows one.
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    Nov 29, 2017
    i tried disconnecting monitors working with only one of the three changing input positions etc

    btw my dad also made a "backup" of all his important stuff by simply dragging from desktop to another folder on another drive
    now a day later he calls me and says all the files in this backup folder are links and not the actual files
    and he lost years of work and his most important files

    when trying to install the fresh copy of windows windows gave me an error messege saying there is not enough space to install the new windows even though there were 700gigs left on a 1tb samsung ssd
    so i needed to press the delete/format option on the c:\ old windows when installing the fresh copy at the stage it asks you where you want to install and only then it would even let me proceed with instillation

    so no "windows.old" was created either i think
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    Apr 29, 2012
    Never ever create of save stuff on the desktop but shortcuts.
    Teach you father to save his work on a separate partition or disc, in this way if things go wrong with Windows, you still have the work saved somewhere.
    Have you tried to start the machine with a virtual operative system like those Linux on DVD?
    Maybe you were able to retrieve the work.