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Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by ccc1522, Apr 13, 2019.

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    Dec 27, 2010
    I recently bought a small server (Dell T420). Installed Server 2019 Datacenter on it. But I have some questions about setting it up for my small company. I have 3 workstations (in the office with the server) & 1 workstation at a different location that would need to connect.
    I would like it to hold all company files, run my Quickbooks & other programs I use.
    Here's my questions:
    • I would like to use the machine as a workstation also? Can I run Windows 10 on this server? (say in a virtual environment like the built-in Hyper-V or another software like VmWare)? Or is this not advisable?
    • Should I set up a VPN for my network? If so, should I just use the VPN settings inside of the Server 2019 software? Or use a third party VPN service?
    • Should I use an FTP Server? Would this be used instead of a VPN?
    • Is the security within the software sufficient? I need to make sure that this network is secure.

    I am fairly good with Windows OS, but still learning the server stuff.
    Thanks in advance for any help that is provided.
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    As I learned in my different training with M$ 1 server 1 function. What I would do is creating a domain to centralize all the accounts and manage them easily.
    For my point of view vpn is only necessary when people work at home and connect to the company with security to access all or a part of the resources. Give more details of how many people will work for you and what will be their job?
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    Apr 28, 2017
    If you’re not using Hyper-V Standalone or Datacenter Core as the hypervisor then you’re doing it wrong.

    Step 1) Install DatacenterCor as Hypervisor (fresh install, bare metal)

    Step 2) Download Windows Admin Center on your laptop or workstation. Follow a guide to manage your Hypervisor from another PC since it will initially be in a workgroup

    Step 3) Deploy your virtual machines

    You can run Windows 10 in a virtual machine but you can’t access the GUI from the Hypervisor running core (nor should you).

    Windows Server Remote Access is a pretty solid product. There are numerous guides to help you setup the VPN. I use SSTP for Win10 machines/laptops and L2TP for phones.

    It’s 2019... I haven’t heard FTP since 1999. Setup WorkFolders or use a Fileshare. If you have enough ram then throw SharePoint and SQL server on a virtual machine.

    Windows defender and firewall is secure if you’re looking to keep your OS secure. It’s not meant to protect your network.

    If you’re looking to protect the “Network” then you are referring to your router or gateway, right? If so, look into Ubiquiti UniFi line since they offer enterprise hardware at consumer prices.