Confused about different Windows-XP-Versions and the possibility to create an AIO

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    Sep 12, 2014

    for private and professional reasons I have the following situation/questions (I hope this is the right section of the board to ask this question):

    Is it possible to create a „Windows XP All in One“ containing the 12 Versions (see screenshot below) and the (pre/after)installation process depends only on the available key?

    So after searching the Internet/board here for hours, it is right that there are 12 main different versions of Windows XP?
    Windows XP (only x86):

    Home: OEM, Retail, Upgrade, VL (Corporate)
    Professional: OEM, Retail, Upgrade, VL (Corporate)
    Media Cente: OEM, Retail, Upgrade, VL (Corporate)

    For example this image of a „Windows 7 AIO“. (Edit: I'm not allowed to post links at the Moment but i hope you know what I mean). This is exact what I am looking for.

    If it is possible, what do I need? An ISO of every of these 12 Versions or only the main 3 and modify them to OEM, Retail, Upgrade, VL?

    Thank you for your help. Would be so great. Thank you in advance!

    Greetings Enforcer07

    Of course I read and search the board here, but I'm still confused and not sure :confused:
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