Convert Office 2003 edition?

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    I'm working on computers for someone, and one of their computers had Office 2003 Standard on it. I backup up the product key and activation for it, but I don't happen to have a copy of standard edition but only professional edition. I was wondering if it were possible to change the professional edition installer files (kind of like you can with Office 2010 to make it VLK) to standard edition so that the product key will be accepted?
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    If this is what your looking for you may be in luck here

    Office Standard Edition 2003 (English)
    File Name:  en_office_2003_std.iso
    Languages:  English
    SHA1: ce874450d291a1af05b5f87a90814ded3a87b734
    Release Date: 1/20/2004
    Size: 228 MB