Could someone explain to me a bit about KMS? and 8.1 act methods?

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What is the pirating/activation status now on Windows 8.1 Blue?

  1. KMS for piraters are done on 8.1

  2. KMS Will be cracked in days/weeks and live on!

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  3. Keys will be just as useful

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  4. Someone will find a patch or another way

  5. WE Don't know havent a clue.

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  1. Nokiafinland07

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    Oct 2, 2013
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    Can you explain to me a bit about KMS. I actually read about it.. it is for Volume licensing it makes it easier for Microsoft to use this vs an old way that can really piss of customers. But I want to know more!

    But my question is

    1.) how do code/hackers/piraters use this for pirating exploits? and inst 'the only way piraters now a days make activation's is through KMS?

    2.)Using keys doesn't work any more?

    Also i got an Asus g75 from micro-center and what happened to one of my PC's was it had win 8 legit!
    But it end up having to re install and used kms (cause it just works)

    .... now I am like on 8.1 pro unactivated (to blog about it and try) but now I am like oh shiiiizz it won't activate so let me downgrade then upgrade to 8.1 thru the app store. But the thing is I READ that the free store upgrade won't work with KMS (MS TOOLKIT) SO the only way is to what ??? >

    1.)Go back legit (non pro ugh) and then get my key and upgrade.. but how do I retrieve it from my bios (i am sure it was oem I still have my uefi and rec partition) .

    2.) Or can I call M$/ASUS and get a copy of my key or guide to doing it.

    3.) Just be patient and wait for a new KMS or activation hack cause there wil def be another one.
    I'd like to do it legit but since I am a tech dude and I did BUY the DAMN thing with it on here then I do not mind using a 2nd method if ya know what I mean .. I did/do own a 8 key which could have easlily been upgraded to 8.1 through store (just not pro :):biggrin::biggrin:

    Either way iIOWN a key cause I bought this laptop and spend $1G+ and there gotta be a way.. BTW isn't toolkit only KMS orr?

    Do you think there will be another KMS v6?
  2. Humphrey

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    Dec 13, 2011
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  3. Nokiafinland07

    Nokiafinland07 MDL Novice

    Oct 2, 2013
    uh ok thanks mate!

    LOL ok you were like what? I know KMS for 8.1 isn't out yet. Thought i stated that but KMS activation solution will be out but who knows the timing . That is fine thanks..

    And BTW i actually had a tool that Checked my MSDM key i had to learn today what that MEANT I did not know that was the same as my BIOS. I got confused with MSDN AND MSDM but now i know! Thanks! :mauridia:

    ANYONE ELSE wanna weigh in and explain the top part?:rolleyes:
  4. Smorgan

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    I feel I have enough experience with the windows activation to answer all these questions. From doing the original Office 2010 Repo / Office 2013 Repo and doing my own windows licensing research. Also helped make the activation solution chart.

    1. Most of the time Windows code Crackers do not try to crack windows as the licensing is too complex from the scale of how many files it involves. It is much easier to do a KMS activation emulation. What I mean by that is that well the Windows licensing is pretty much embedded into the entire Operating system.

    2. Using keys still works but with people not being able to get retail keys easily they must resort to other means.

    Now we need to branch out and answer this fully. Cracking the activation takes a bunch of time to do as you have to go through many files to look at the grand scope of it. That is why cracking windows is usually out of the question as you have to have a considerable knowledge of the activation system and files. (No I am not going to expand on this that much). I no longer do big threads like I used to on mdl which if I had the time would go into further detail concerning this. Maybe at some point I will but alas most of the time my posts had to be edited over n over and approved by staff lol.

    Next the 2nd part of your question:

    1. KMS activation has its issues which are that usually it takes some time to get the new OEM keys that go with it along with the host keys which go through the emulated server to do the activation. That being said the host keys are the only part which remain before windows 8.1 is activatable through those means.

    2. You could call Asus the manufacturer depending on when you bought your laptop if it was supposed to come with a free upgrade to windows 8.1.

    3. Now concerning the Windows activation with mentioning the KMS activation. I usually lump Hacking in with networking to be honest. What you are mentioning is cracking the windows license to have full functionality for the OS. At this point there is no means to get around the activation on Windows 8.1 after the OS has been installed on the system. If I were to take a guess of how long it will take for the KMS to be released I would say by the end of the year or rather November. By that point we will have the host keys in all probability to manage a KMS activation. Keep in mind I am guessing on this though so its not an absolute.

    4. The Microsoft Toolkit is only KMS.

    5. Yes I do think there will be another KMS V6 meaning that we are headed for a cloud centric license system for windows. However there will always be a need to do stuff offline so I would imagine the next thing to come will either be Windows 8.2 or Windows 9. Either way it will have more cloud technology built into it.

    I hope this answers all of your questions. I could probably go into more detail on the various mechanisms for which activation or rather glitching later.

    @ Poll none of the options are good for me. lol
  5. Nokiafinland07

    Nokiafinland07 MDL Novice

    Oct 2, 2013

    WOW I have had some personal money issues today which just got better with a crap load and TON of service calls and now i am (mindfully) rich! on TOP OF THAT YOUR POST/REPLY WAS THE BEST POST REPLY i ever got!

    Thanks alot and yes that answered it perfectly! You are more awesomer then awesomer/ness/est person to ever reply a post! THANKS! and also friendly kudos mate! btw i am american! :worthy: