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    Hi there!

    It's been awhile since I've done this. If someone already posted how to do this, please provide a link. Otherwise, here it goes:

    I have the RTM windows 7 x86 and x64 versions. I bought an HP laptop about year ago, so it already has the SLIC 2.1 in the bios. Now, i formatted my laptop to get rid of the junk and stuff.

    I usually installed win 7, and manually installed certificate and SLP key to activate it. I remember correctly, the OEM source folder can make this process automatic right?

    So I downloaded the HP Ultimate OEM sources zip file. Now, I have no idea how to put it into the win 7 64bit iso image so that when it finishes installing the O.S, win7 is automatically SLP activated. Also, do these OEM sources have the HP Logo thing and the support contact number, or i have to manually do it ? In other words, does it apply the HP logo under System settings window, or I have to do it manually?

    Sorry if it seems such n00bish questions, but I have been out of it and I forgot. I did do search, however couldn't really find what I am looking for.

    Your help will be greatly appreciated it.
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    just place the $oem$ folder into the sources folder of your image thats it! :)
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    Figure I'll hijack this one since it is related.
    Any info on the Updates folder. From what I understand instead of slipstreaming MSU hotfixes can be put in here and they will be installed automatically.
    What has me confused is my Genuine Dell Ult 2gb iso has a folder called upgrade and a bunch of subs including non MSU files like netfx exe/patch/msi/cab.
    1. Is it true MSUs in top level of Updates install auto during setup?
    2. Dell must be using some script to install subs of upgrades so I should delete from my new hp image?
    3. If I use the proper folder structure (from AIK) I can copy any file/folder to any folder on c: automatically? ( \$OEM$ Folders\C\MyFolder )

    Guess what I'll do is rename upgrade to Updates and see if setup ignores the subs and install anyway.
    Since $$ means in INSTALLDEST\windows and $1 means root of INSTALLDEST I will test putting my folders/subs and files in $1\Drivers and see if it copies all.
    And nuke ei.cfg so it will make a generic AIO-HPQ dvd with all I require on that particular machine available and can be easily removed after install parts not required.