custom refresh image? does it keep the activation

Discussion in 'Windows 8' started by binded, Aug 30, 2013.

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    I am a little confused here I did the custom restore image by doing

    so I got windows 8.1 installed and activated using the install then phone
    then using my free wmc key and is perm activated

    I used to make a custom restore and it was auto set to be the image to be used

    recimg /createimage C:\Custom_Image_Refresh
    recimg /showcurrent
    and have it set for my custom refresh image
    now I want to know if the activation is restored with this image or not
    or would I need to re-activate
    im trying to find a way to make just a back up that I can use till token manager is fixed

    this is the notice that I have seen

    Although using Recimg to create a custom recovery image, it doesn’t backup Windows 8 apps, documents, personal settings, or user profiles, because that information is preserved when you refresh your PC.

    does not say any thing about the activation
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    I had several refreshes done with different kinds of genuine activation and all went smoothly after refresh
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