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    Hello everyone, today my question is about making a custom windows 7 Iso. When i work on other peoples computer i cant back up their drivers before i fresh install their op system. :negative: Which means i need to try to find all their drivers again and take forever to download them (Network is always the hardest). SO im trying to make a custom ISO that can install the op system and have the offline setups for the network drivers. On the iso it would have multiple setups as each make and model is different and i would have to make different isos according to each company (HP,Dell,Toshiba,etc). I worked on a PC that had a disc and it came with the the drivers dell has and you just picked which ones you needed off of. My questions

    1- Would this work, & be worth the while. Is it even a good idea?
    2- Would the Windows Download Integrator be useful for creating the ISOs
    3- Should i create the install iso with drivers or just create an universal driver disc with all the drivers i can find on there. then run a program like speccy and see what the pcs drivers are?

    If you have ANY ideas as to what would help i am ALWAYS open to helpful suggestions. My friend and I who do the work think this would work but be rather time consuming to make. Anyways if you can think of any ways of improving on this idea or fixing it or spot something wrong please let me know. :idea:
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    With so many drivers these days, I think it is better to have DVD/USB with drivers ready to install.
    You can download ready to use DRP Pack DVD or USB version (updated July 2013) multi-language. Just put DVD and it will find needed drivers automatically. It can also update outdated drivers.
    It works with all Windows OS's 32 or 64bit.

    interface look like this:

    Just scroll to the bottom of the page and will see download links of the latest updated version DriverPack Solution 13 Revision 375 + DriverPack`s 13.07.2!(as on picture):

    About integration, some people prefer to integrate Mass Storage and eventually Chipset drivers for machines that need to find DVD etc.. on boot. But look for good info because some drivers need to be integrated into boot.wim.
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    WOW!!! at first i was unsure about this program but after playing around with it it is exactly what i could use. This is probably my favorite program in my toolkit. thank you SOOOO much for find thing. :worthy: Huge thanks.