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    this may sound like a silly question but bear with me

    I someone installs windows 8 pro +WMC & activates this

    Then they install office 2013 pro retail & activate it by phone

    Then they backup theis activation status using The Advanched Tokens Manager v3.5 BETA to retore at a later time

    Could if the data file that was backup given to other users us to be adapted to activate their own system

    Or is it as i might suspect tied to that 1 system that it was first activated on & the licences can`t be transfered

    So if someone can advise the best way of getting office 2012 pro running activated on win8

    Im learning so much great stuff here
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    There is no way of using your Activation Backup on another system..It's tied to your Hardware Configuration on which it was activated..

    The best method for Office 2013 Activation on Windows 8 is the trusty KMS Activation, though we're still waiting for a KMS solution for Office 2013 on Windows 8 :tea: