DAZ-Loader + Win7 64bit + Truecrypt -> Booting... nothing happens

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by Lapphead, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. Lapphead

    Lapphead MDL Novice

    Dec 10, 2012

    perhaps you can help me with my problem:

    Until now i used Win7 32bit with DAZ and Truecrypt to encrypt the hole system-drive (there is only one partition on it).
    I never had problems.

    Yesterday i tried to install Win7 64bit, then i activated it with the newest DAZ und after that, i installed Truecrypt und run the Test at the beginning of the system-encryption.
    I put my password into the truecrypt-loader, the screen showed to me: "Booting..." and nothing happens after that.
    So i had to interrupt the test.

    After that uninstalled DAZ und tried again: And it works fine with Truecrypt! I enrypted the whole system-drive.
    Now i want to active Win again, installed DAZ with the Option "preserve current boot code".

    I restarded the pc and after the truecrypt-prompt i had the same problem again: Typed in my password und tc was prompting "Booting..." and nohting happens.

    So i had to reinstall Win7 64bit and now i don't now what to... Hope you can help me!
  2. mictlan

    mictlan MDL Member

    Nov 9, 2009
    Do you have the system created boot partition (usually hidden, 100 - 250 mbyte in size)?
    Truecrypt does not work with this partition.
    You have to create a single partition (mbr) for Win7 (system drive).
  3. Lapphead

    Lapphead MDL Novice

    Dec 10, 2012

    i deleted all partitions i could see while i installed win7.
    Now i only have one partition on my SSD for windows.
    Is it possible to see all hidden partitions too until the installation? Or are there some other partitions?

    The thing is, that befor, with my old win7-installation, i had no problems using DAZ and truecrypt together.
    I installed win7 64bit with a bootable USB-Stick und only formated the win7 32bit partition new and then installed win7 64bit.
  4. Lapphead

    Lapphead MDL Novice

    Dec 10, 2012
    Ok, i don't know why, but now it works.

    I did all the important updates win7 offers after a new installation and after that i uninstalled DAZ und Truecrypt.
    Now i started DAZ with options "preserve current oot code" and "use the default boot menu", restart
    Then i started the system encryption at TC, restart
    It worked!

    But i don't wont the DAZ-Loader Screen, so decrypt the system partition again, deinstalled DAZ, installed DAZ again without this two checks, leave everthing original, restart
    Than i started TC-system encryption again, restarts, and everything works fine.

    Perhaps i could help someone with the same problem!
  5. Daz

    Daz MDL Developer / Admin
    Staff Member

    Jul 31, 2009
    It works best when you install the loader first because it should get the boot sector correct then too.

    Before your decrypted the drive you could of simply unselected the option to use the loaders default boot menu. As long as the preserve current boot code option was still selected then it should of booted you fine.
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