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Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by Zehel, Apr 15, 2013.

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    Hi everyone,
    I'm about to build my new PC with an ASUS P8Z77M MoBo, which has UEFI, and I want to install W7 Ultimate x64 with DAZ's Loader, which is the best option from what I've heard. I know that maybe a bunch of people have post with this problem, and I've read some posts about it, but to be honest I don't know much about BIOS and related stuff, so I hope you can give a hand.

    For what I've heard, I just need to boot my W7 DVD in non-UEFI mode. In an old thread I read this:

    Does that mean that when I start my PC with the W7 Ultimate DVD I need to press F8 when the ASUS boot screen appears and select the option which does not have the "UEFI" tag on it in order to install in MBR? And that's all? If I do this, will I lose any features? I've read about MBR problems with large capacity external hard drives. I have a 2TB external HDD apart from my 1TB internal HDD. Will this affect me?

    Thank you beforehand and excuse me for my bad english.
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    move this to the daz loader support and chat thread
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    I'm not a BIOS savvy but I can share my experience with you and let you know what I found out before doing what you want to do.

    I bought a new laptop like 2 weeks ago. I wanted to install Win7x64 in UEFI mode.
    I have two installation discs: one has all versions of Win7 (x86 and x64) with SP1. The other one has only Win7x64 (no SP). So, naturally, I used the first disc since it's the newest one.

    It wouldn't load with UEFI so I went ahead and installed with legacy.
    Like 3 hours later when I finished I tried to load the other disc, the one that only had the x64 version and it loaded with UEFI. Anyway I didn't want to install everything again, and I don't have a large disc so it's ok for me, I kept the legacy mode.

    However, I did use it to install Win7x64 in a friend's PC whith UEFI and it's been like a week and it's just fine. Just remember you can't go from UEFI to legacy or vice versa without re-formatting the hard disk, since this means going from MBR to GPT. At least this is what I got from my research and experience.

    I used the latest DAZ loader (from February 2013) and worked flawlessly after running WAT.

    Good luck, regards.
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    Sorry, I didn't notice that thread.

    Thank you, I appreciate your interest.

    By the way, yesterday after posting this I found a loader called Pirate7 made by a corean named KJ, who in theory is the same guy that made the Loader for W8. I've read it works on UEFI motherboards because it modifies Windows tokens or something like that, I haven't tested it yet, but I'll try and share what I get. Hope it works.
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    Do not use those other loaders they are garbage (hactivators) they modify system files and you will get flagged as non genuine only use Daz loader or request bios mod.