Dedicated VGA memory HACK!!

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    i want to increase dedicated VGA memory on my mobo. GA-H55M-S2 (Gigabyte), max. dedicated in bios is just 128, is there any tool:Lighten: to modify it and also modded drivers to show support for directx 10.1

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    get phoenixtool 212 and your latest bios file open the .wph or whatever format it is in phoenixtool and itll extract a bunch of files to a dump folder. Then use notepad++ to search that entire folder for the word "memory" or "amount" then it will tell u what files have that and or search for "128MB" and find the file where it's inside. Then open that file in Notepad++ and search for 128MB then find it in the string or actually when u searched for 128MB itll tell u what line it's on in what file. Open the file find the line, edit the value to say 1024MB and save to a folder u call backup and make sure it's the same filename as the original. Then u may need a rw everything report so go get that app and click acpi then click save all and you will have your .rw file. Select ur motherboard manufacturer or whatever in phoenixtool and select the relevant SLIC file for ur bios whatever it is u may need to request one for ur gigabyte. Anyway go to advanced and check mark allow changes to other modules. Once u got everything dialed in click go and when it asks to put ur modified file into the dump folder go copy ur modded file to the dump and click ok and it should re-integrate. Now all u need to do is flash ur bios with the new modded bios file with 1024MB. This only works when it's not fully dedicated there can't be any actual memory chips it's need to be shared dedicated so all the bios does is allocate more system memory to be used as video memory. Your gonna need at least 1536MB of ram for it to work right or 4096MB of ram ideally so it'll actually run worth a darn.