dell bios file extraction?

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    Hi, wonder if you could help Yen or anyone, I know the slic table mod has already been done for the DIMENSION E521, my question is this, imagine the bios on board is wiped completely, OK, so we remove the bios chip and hope dell have a 512kb binary, we download from their site DME521-010110.exe, we try to extract rom or hdr file and NO good in windows or pure dos, in windows just error(it must check to see if dell machine but delll machine is dead! this other pc not dell), in pure dos we get program to run (i.e. dme521-010110 -writehdrfile), but it takes us to dos screen command line app MFLASH (very strange), we try to execute mflash.exe command and reports illegal command. Anyhow could you tell me how to parse the 512kb bios rom/binary from the dell executable, I have never had this problem before using writeromfile or writehdrfile, PLease help

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    Dell is using different bioses. At your case it an Award bios. Since I know about Award I have cut it using an hexeditor. (Offset 177D3h-977D2h).
    To locate the end of it search for *MRB* string and add 6 bytes till FFh.

    Typical 'end' bytes of an Award bios:
    Offset      0  1  2  3  4  5  6  7   8  9  A  B  C  D  E  F
    000977C0                            2A 4D 52 42 2A 02 00 00           *MRB*...
    000977D0   00 60 FF                                           .`ΓΏ

    Then go 80000h bytes (512 KByte) forward to locate the start of it.

    When I try the exe, my PC freezes...not sure what will happen if you try on Dell and have a look at temp directory to locate the bios there.

    It has got a SLIC2.0 already, present dynamically at ACPITBL.BIN.
    I assume the recovery would work like the Award recovery. You may mod the bios using Andy's Award tool (choose Dell as manufacturer) method: dynamic. To flash the mod I suggest to you to use latest awdflash from Asus.

    Here is your extracted bios:

    Only Dell's own Phoenix bioses are extractable using the write commands....;)
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