DELL BIOS to support newer CPU needed...

Discussion in 'BIOS Mods' started by peter_58_ha, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. peter_58_ha

    peter_58_ha MDL Senior Member

    Sep 30, 2009
    Hello from Germany!

    Im running a DELL Latitude E5500, latest BIOS.

    After installing a INTEL Core2Duo (T7300) the following message shows up before booting any OS:

    ***Processor Microcode Update Failure***

    The revision of precessor in the system is not supported.

    Strike F1 key....

    When hitting F1, the normal boot process goes on and W7 is running fine.
    What can I do in this case? Dell does not provide a newer BIOS for the machine.

    ty for your assistance!

    Best regards

  2. Mike188

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    Jul 22, 2017
    This post is old, but I am having the same issue with my Dell Latitude E5500. I upgraded to a T7800.
    I have Dells last BIOS update A19. I am getting the same message.
    I was told that the BIOS does not have the microcode to accept the processor.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    I am new at tinkering with the BIOS.