Dell Inspiron n5110

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    Please help...

    My son had this laptop for xmas and after updating the bios to version a9 he had big problems with the dvd vibrating like a planes engines on full thrust!.

    now i tried to flash back an earlier version, but good old dell will not allow this. so any idea how i can reflash the bios...? :mad::mad:
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    The file N5110A08.EXE is using the Hard Drive format and is designed to be directly executed from Windows environments.

    did u try to check dvd firmware version? .. in the dell dloads removable storage
    match your drive and check properties of it in device manager

    if not then
    phoneix mod tool 1.93 decompressed file n5110a08.hdr
    rename to recovery filename N5110.hdr
    try recovery method ?
    EFI / Insyde BIOS (Dell HDR)