Dell Optiplex GX260 vs GX270

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    Longtime lurker of the these forums, and supporter of the efforts that are being put in here.

    Just curious if anyone could sum up the differences between the GX260 and GX270 BIOSes which allow the GX270 to be modded using the latest release of Andy's Phoenix tool with support for older Dells, but prevent the GX260 from being modded in the same way. The GX270 is recognized fine by the tool as an "old Dell BIOS", but the GX260 isn't... but neither seems to natively have a SLIC table. I can't seem to find a clear/concise answer in all of my forum searching.

    Latest BIOS releases (I can't make direct links due to postcount):

    ftp to
    ftp to

    Thanks in advance.