DELL PowerEdge BIOS SLIC - Reveal SLIC for 13th generation servers

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    I spent days looking for the answer and had a hard time so posting this as a new thread to help anyone trying to unhide the full SLIC table on DELL 13th Generation PowerEdge servers (R730, R930, etc.).

    On older PowerEdge servers, the SLIC table was built into the BIOS but "hidden" and needed certain Dell tools like ASSET.COM ran on a DOS boot to enter BIOS MANUFACTURING MODE which unhides the full table. Setting the asset to "ASSET PASS:12/31" or "ASSET PASS:12/34" enabled this mode. But on newer UEFI/GUI based PowerEdge servers with Lifecycle, these tools no longer work.

    So the key question is how to enter BIOS MANUFACTURING MODE on these new servers? Surprisingly, it's even easier now. There's a field in the BIOS for the Asset Tag. Just set this field to "PASS:12/34", reboot and the system will be in BIOS MANUFACTURING MODE. Reboot the machine again to exit the mode, but the SLIC will be fully unhidden! This was tested on a PowerEdge R930. With the newest BIOS, SLIC Toolkit reports SLIC 2.4.

    1. F2 (enter BIOS) -> System BIOS-> Miscellaneous Settings
    2. Enter "PASS:12/34" in the Asset Tag field, then exit and save settings
    3. System will reboot into BIOS MANUFACTURING MODE. Let it go through POST completely, then reboot again to exit BIOS MANUFACTURING MODE. *NOTE*: You may have to go back into the BIOS to reconfigure some settings, such as the boot order, etc.
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    OA 2.4 SLIC you say, can you dump it and share it here?
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    I had successed open slic from this method.Thanks.

    But When I entered the bios,I must typed "/s servertag" first,and secondly typed "PASS:12/34".
    Only done 2 steps all by sequence the machine will entered factory mode,or else not enter if I only typed "PASS:12/34" only.

    Holpfuyly it can help someone.I'm R730.

    Thanks again.

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    It didn't work on power edge T20. I can't find a way to unlock Slic 2.3 or 2.4 on it. It's frustrated.
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    Did not work on PowerEdge T30
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    will this work on a poweredge T410?