Dell Server 2012 R2 Standard disk?

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    I have a Dell server that came with Server 2012 R2 Standard but no disk. Is it possible to make a Dell OEM disk for Server 2012 R2 Standard? I have seen ways to make OEM disks for XP and Win 7 but after doing some searching I could not find anything for Server 2012 R2 Standard.
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    Why not just use DataCenter?

    The DELL 2012 R2 DC image is floating around (I imaged it up and sent it to a few people a while ago)

    This will work with the SLIC content in your BIOS already.

    From a technical point of view there is no changes between Standard and DataCenter on 2012 series ... it's all about VM licences (and on paper - not enforced)

    The key on your sticker is of little value - the untouched DELL use a single OEM:SLP key hardcoded on the DVD

      File: WS2012R2-DC_ENU_x64_.iso
    CRC-32: d470a155
       MD4: 938596691d94a3a86cb649780d4dfc95
       MD5: 9ff277f374d3688087d21c6849e000aa
     SHA-1: e446b52e2bfbc10141bf4fdd721e0fa2e9b0cfbb