Dell Vostro 1510 and Intel VT

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  1. matteofalcone

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    Nov 22, 2009

    I wonder if we can activate "Intel VT" in the Phoenix Bios of a Dell Vostro 1510.

    I tried Phoenix BIOS Editor Pro without succes (no trace of this).

    Any ideas ?

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    If you are talking about virtualization, then you don't activate turn on this feature in your bios setup when you reboot the computer.

    I am not sure what keys you press to enter setup but mine is F12...maybe yours is delete.

    So, I don't understand your question about activation...there is no activation...just turn on VT in bios setup if and only if this feature exists in your Dell Vostro 1510 Computer.

    Go here and it will tell you if you have these features and how to turn on these features:
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    He's probably saying the option doesn't show up in the bios, like how mine was. The option is there on mine but it's locked off by Toshiba but in my case its easy to enable it so it shows up.

    Does securable show locked off when you run it?
  4. matteofalcone

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    Nov 22, 2009
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    Yes exactly. The processor supports virtualization but the option is disable in the bios and not shown!

    Same thing in my Sony VGN AW11Z but someone has made a bios modification to solve this and it works perfectly.

    So i'm looking for this kind of modification for my Dell 1510 (I want use Linux KVM and for now I can't).