Dell XPS 12 9Q33 BIOS recovery - PLEASE HELP !

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    -Manufacturer: DELL
    -Model: XPS 12 9Q33
    -Bios Type: AMI
    -Bios Download Link: hxxps://

    I tried to update the BIOS of my Dell XPS 12 9Q33 from A05 to A08 on windows 7. The process got stuck at Programming EC for more than 4 hours. I searched through the internet and found out that people having same problem had to unplug the AC and wait 4 the laptop to shut down when running out of battery. Unfortunately, mine dont boot up. So I bricked it :((

    I did follow the Dell bios recovery procedure
    to extract the bios image from EXE file using cmd /writehdrfile. then put it on a FAT USB stick with the name renamed to CS_A08.hdr (result got from checking with PhoenixMod 2.5)
    Back at the laptop, I followed the first 6 steps and got my laptop powered up with power led blinking and the light on the USB stick showing some activities. But it's sitting there for hours without anything happened.

    Anyone please help me, am I missing anything or the recovery name is incorrect ?

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    try CS_A08.rom or BIOS.cap or BIOS.WPH
    found it in Hex Editor (i think phoenixtool defaults to .hdr so it said hdr)

    9Q33A08.exe /writeromfile works too.. different size file.

    copy file with different names. also it likely needs WINCRIS to make usb

    its also an EFI type so it needs different files likely i think it needs also PhlashNT.sys
    key to hold before plug in power it should be END key and hold it while you press power button.

    optionally buy a USB SPI programmer CH341a cheapo and desolder bios to make backup.bin from broken and i edit it with hexeditor and insert A08 to it. then u flash and solder.
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    Jan 1, 2009
    Thank you for the addition information, soldering is really not my thing :D I will get the new file you mentioned and try it again. Though I'm a bit confused about the bios type, as the embed flashing program that ran during the update under Windows is AMI flashing software. Do you think if it can make any difference in the recovery?

    Best regards
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    did anybody manage to get this working?