Dell XPS 15Z (L511Z, Mid 2011) - Trying to help a friend

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    Aug 10, 2009
    Hi Team,

    A friend's son's fiancée dropped a cup of coffee onto a 10 month old Dell XPS 15Z (L511Z, Mid 2011) last year:eek:. She panicked and ripped the cord out of the PSU Brick as well which shorted it out. They took it to a Computer shop and the Tech said the Hard Drive died and he wanted $500 to fix it, which would take a couple weeks. Well besides being pricey, they needed it for an exam at university that week, so they bought a new one. (It's got Win8 which they hate.)

    Fast forward to this year...Our friend's old PC dies, so the son (being the generous guy he is) gives his Mom the broken XPS 15Z Lappy in a bag of bits & pieces. She reluctantly asks me to see if I can resurrect it as I'm a bit geeky. So I dutifully try to oblige, and I've put it all back together with a spare SSD I'm not using at the moment. However, all is not Rosie. It behaves exactly like a PC who's bios is corrupt. The Fan runs at full speed but there is no video (on the screen or via the HDMI port), and nothing seems to work - no keys, off switch (I have to pull the battery), sound (not even beeps), etc.

    Do you think it's possible the Bios got corrupted and can be restored? (If so any idea how?)

    Or should I pull my SSD and head to the recycle depot?:rolleyes:

    Thanks for the assist.
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