DEP, and why do we need it again?

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  1. why is vista pos?

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    Jun 13, 2008
    ok now, i am seeming to have a BIG problem with yet another useless vista program and i think i need some guidance b4 i hurl my pc out my window.

    ok here is my problem, it would appear that my windows vista home basic has a very useless and annoying program, and i would love to know how to kill or ex least silence it, c an anyone please help me out with this one.

    if you do help me i will give you a cookie!
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    Apr 5, 2008
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    Right click in My Computer and select Propereties.
    Click on Advanced System Settings, on the next window click Settings.
    Click on the Data Execution Prevention tab and turn it off.
    But take note that you are compromising your Computers security.
    DEP is not a new program added in Vista, it was implemented since the first NT system, although I'm not shure was it used in NT 4.0..
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    or use vlite and get rid of alot of useless **** from vista..and save about 3gigs of hardrive space too.