Deploy & Compare VHDs of many portable Windows To Go WTG Creator Apps w your support

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    Deploy & Compare VHDs of many portable Windows To Go WTG Creators Apps with your support

    A. What I'd like to do:

    1. Deploy VHDs created by each of these tools.

    - I'll be doing many instances of this, so I'd like to make it as SIMPLE, EASY & AUTOMATED as possible.
    - Deploy with minimal interaction, configured & working devoid of pesky features, such as Windows update disabled
    - Open to other suggestions on these sample deployments
    - Whether I should VM or Native Boot them?

    I am wondering which of the following I should use as I am familiar with DISM
    - DISM (DISM++/ DISM GUI) + Silent/ UnattendedAnswerFile.Xml + MSDN ISO - Install.Wim {Would it better to extract it ahead of time} (Also, how do I add .xml on commandline when I am booting from DVD/ .ISO - via a USB Flashdisk?)

    Do I need any of the following?
    + Customized Install.wim - Customize using.. ??
    + Some of the MDL Tools like MSMG Toolkit
    + I did read about MDT and I am wondering if it would be overkill to learn for this.. ??

    2. Compare how they are deployed - Understand the differences

    - File/ Directory Structure Comparison - I'm gonna use Beyond Compare for that
    - Registry Comparison - Any recommendations on apps that can do this well for entire Reg?
    - Any other comparisons I should perform to see differences

    B. WTG Creators under evaluation: (Open to try any more app suggestions as well)

    - WTG - Enterprise
    - DISM – Powershell Scripts
    - WTG Creator – extracted for use in – Pro Volume
    - WinNTSetup - MSFN
    - WinToUSB
    - AOMEI Partition Assistant
    - WiNToBootic
    - Easy2Boot/ RMPrepUSB
    - Rufus
    Maybe some more.

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