Disk Full, downloading, destkop data loss Windows 10 build 1607

Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by mokaz, Sep 6, 2016.

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    Hi all,

    Today a rather strange event raised on my workstation. I think i've reached disk full on my C:\ partition while downloading some medias (not 100% sure i went disk full though). Downloads were through and while playing one of the media files downloaded (playback failed and media file got deleted...), suddenly 75% of my desktop contents vanished with absolutely no confirmation box or whatsoever, just pff and it's gone.

    I've used recuva (from piriform) in order to see if i could undelete the contents but failed to achieve that, all the recovered files are unusable showing completely scrambled contents (this on recoverable files). And recuva gives me information as to which file has overwritten which file (overwritten by...) and effectively, my media files downloads seemed to have overwritten my desktop contents which i've never deleted... crazy...

    The weird thing as well, is that my desktop icons (This PC, Control panel, bla bla) disappeared as well. well that's a one click restore though...

    I don't know if this is something anyone else had witnessed as well and if so, I would be keen to ear about.
    Honestly, i'm thinking about an SSD glitch at the HW layer or a really bad software issue..

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    SSD model ? latest firmware ?
    bad power supply causing power fluctuations ?
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    Hum embedded SSD from the laptop manufacturer, Samsung i think. Laptop is a high end HP Spectre x360 one. No HW tuning or such, all standard... PSU is the original, never had an issue... I can't explain really... Checked the hp support site to see if there where any SSD FW upgrades but nope..

    Updated the BIOS to latest version and enabled File History on desktop, loosing my KeePass database was not so funny...
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    Before attempting anything else you must run a chkdsk C: /F.If the FS is messed up a recovery SW can make the things just worse
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    [FONT=&amp]Backup what data you do have left. Do you by chance have backups of your lost data?

    Thing is, once a drive fails, or has problems of indeterminate cause, I replace the drive. That may be premature in your case, but you might want to be thinking about it.[/FONT]