Does LTSC 2021 support ray tracing in games?

Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by Manfblagam, Nov 17, 2022.

  1. Manfblagam

    Manfblagam MDL Novice

    Jul 10, 2017
    I am about to setup a new machine for my 3080 GPU and I want to install LTSC 2021 on it.

    Could any one you help confirm that LTSC 2021 supports ray tracing in games out of the box?

    The reason why I am asking is because I've seen some comment on reddit suggesting that despite running LTSC (21H1) with a rtx 3090ti the ray tracing option is greyed out (Spider-man remastered PC). This could very well be a user error but I am about to upgrade my machine to LTSC 2021 for my new 3080 GPU and would like to know if the support is there.

    Any input would be really appreciated.
  2. xpirad

    xpirad MDL Novice

    Nov 3, 2017
    It's supported since 1809.
    So yeah, LTSC supports ray tracing.