Does size of HDD will matter?

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by carmz, Jun 8, 2014.

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    Nov 29, 2011
    Hi to all experts,can i ask ?..does the HDD will matter to your desktop performance?...I have this kind of specs before

    AM2 socket 2.7ghz
    5OOGB HDD samsung...
    2GB RAM DDR2

    After My HDD died, I bought new HDD seagate baracuda 1TB last month,after 2 day of installing my O.S windows 8.1 and installing some software needed.My computer suddenly freeze up,sometimes it takes time to boot.and also i exerience HDD crashing or errors "we are collecting some errors..etc"...Now i tried to replace the HDD to the store i think there's something wrong with the HDD that i bought before so they replace me with the new one...But again after i install then I observe 2 days or more,my PC still the same freezing,takes time to boot...,if you ask me maybe the O.S?but it's not because i tried it to install to my laptop and it run smoothly until now.,Now i also tried memtest to my RAM but it passes 9 test no errors....I don't know now what is wrong with my P.C or which hardware is defective inside my it the motherboard,cmos battery,power supply? the way i also bought new sata cable but still the same....

    I hope someone will help me.,Thank you in advance,