Downloading Office 2016 C2R with Additional Language Support

Discussion in 'Microsoft Office' started by aj7749, Aug 20, 2016.

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    I would like to get an offline copy of C2R version of Office 2016, with support of additional languages (i.e. User Interface, Proofing Tools, etc).

    O2016RTool can get me offline copies of the program, but I'm not sure about the language support.

    There are Language Accessory Packs (LAP) exactly for my purpose. However Microsoft only provides web installers, and they insist me to install Office 2016 first. I can't figure out how to download files for offline use.

    Or, can I just download different language versions of Office of O2016RTool and use them in some way, that gives me language support, bypassing those LAPs altogether?

    Sorry I'm not too familiar with C2R versions of Office. Thanks for your help.
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    - Use OfficeRTool and download a setup package for each language you need.
    - Install Office in each language you need one after the other.
    - Install as last language the one you will need the GUI most.
    - Convert Retail2VL and activate.

    Later change GUI, help and proofing preferences in -> Menu -> File -> Options -> Language.

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    I'm getting a trojan warning, win32/skeeyah.A!rfn

    I guess this is false positive from windows defender?
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    Check the file hash, if its same then its no issue otherwise you downloaded incorrect or modified files with virus.