Drver for ATI 7500 Mobile

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by rjmdubois, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. rjmdubois

    rjmdubois MDL Novice

    May 30, 2009
    I have just "upgraded" ;) the BIOS of my old IBM T42, and installed Win 7. It worked fine, except for the video card, an old 7500 Radeon Mobile that is not recognized.

    I read that Vista came with native support for this card, but apparently win 7 RTM does not.

    Someone can help me find a better drive for it? Or at least know if we can expect for broader driver support (for old hardware) on the retail version (On Oct 22nd)?
  2. NoJuan999

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    Jul 31, 2009
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