Dual Boot XP Win 7 problem

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  1. RAY56

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    May 17, 2010
    I cant boot into XP anymore.I:worthy: get to log in and I'm greeted with an activation message.Do i want to activate? I say yes windows says scripting is disabled and I'm booted back to logon screen I cant touch the desktop how can I activate it.It was activated as OEM Dell .Modded Win 7 works fine.

    Any help would be appreciated Thanx. Bob56:worthy:
  2. sebus

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    Jul 23, 2008
    And what did you put as SLP sting when modded BIOS for SLIC 2.1 (for Win7)?

    Boot in safe mode & run oembios to see if you have any SLP string

    ALL in stickies above!

  3. dsl_sux

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    Aug 27, 2010
    HI thanks for your attention to this matter sebus, I was wondering on what seems to be this same issue. I am new here to these forums could you please be more specific which stickies your referring. I ask this as a friend of mine with a dell pc activated his new win7 install with a loader. Come to find out he did a dual boot install, I imagine it's same disc two separate partitions, as now he says when he boots into his XP install it tells him he has non-genuine XP install. However his XP install is the one which came with the his dell. I figure the slic overwrote his slp from looking around here at how things work in this oem world. Could you please offer some input on this matter and even some direction as I mentioned towards those stickies. Thanks.
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    @ dsl_sux, why doesn't your friend not just uninstall the loader to see what happens. you could also try running oembios.exe from # The Windows XP OEMBIOS Archive to see if dell SLP 1.0 is still there. P.S. the loader cannot overwrite the DMI string on the motherboard.
  5. dsl_sux

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    Aug 27, 2010
    great thanks for the response urie, what it is is that my friend sort of fly's by the seat of pants when it comes to technical aspects of running his system, which is why I figured I should look to find some help for the issue he's experiencing. Appreciate your time here urie. Will look through what you say and see what's there.