Dvi kvm? Using vga to dvi converter?

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    Dvi kvm? Using vga to dvi converter? Not working!!

    Hey guys, just bought a new Gefen DVI KVM and it works great. However I wanted to still be able to hook up VGA pc's to it also. I purchased a adapter thinking that it is all I needed (HD15 (VGA) Male to DVI Female Adapter) . When I plug it in, I simply get black screen, whether or not it is through the kvm or just straight to the monitor using my DVI cable and the adapter to the VGA port on my laptop. The laptop does work when I go straight from laptop vga to monitor vga.

    Is there and additional converter that is needed? I know that you don't need one when going from dvi to vga but do you need one when going from vga to dvi. I'm not expecting dvi quality just simply to thee the image in vga quality.